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By David L. Pulver

One-thousand years of historical past are woven round the tale of Rome. With this AD&D online game complement, computers can stand quick sooner than a mass of charging Gauls with Julius Caesar, vie for the emperor's cognizance within the coliseum, bellow oratory within the senate, or dispense the pax romana to the ends of the earth within the identify of emperor Hadrian. the respect of Rome describes Roman personality kits, magic, gear, tradition, and settings for stimulating role-playing in Earth's earlier or in a Roman-style realm in any gaming international. adventure the grandeur that was once Rome!

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Bonus Proficiency The language of Rome was Latin. But Greek was a common second language for educated Romans. Thanks to the conquests of Alexander the Great and his successors, Greek culture had spread throughout the ancient world. Greek-speaking traders were everywhere. Moreover, since Greek was the language of classic poetry (such as Homer) and of philosophy, the ability to speak fluent Greek was the mark of a proper upbringing for a Roman of the senatorial class. Any upper-class Roman who had no Greek would be looked upon as an uncultured boor or country bumpkin.

For instance, an amulet can be made to protect against charm person, but not against sleep or magic missile. If the wearer of a protective amulet is attacked by the spell the amulet was made to ward against, the wearer rolls his saving throw in the normal fashion. However, if he fails his saving throw, the amulet absorbs the energy of the spell. The amulet shatters (and is now useless) but the wearer is treated as having made his saving throw! A protective amulet must be an item of jewelry. Its cost must be at least 10 denarii (to protect against a 1st-level spell.

Individuals who are fooled are likely to believe the charlatan is a real wizard, which could be good or bad. Anyone who isn’t fooled reacts to the charlatan at -3. Special Hindrances: The PC must place at least 30 of his 60 discretionary percentage points into pick pockets, representing his training in sleight-of-hand and conjuring tricks. Charlatans do not gain a thief‘s backstab ability and have no thieves’ cant. Romans of senatorial or higher social rank react with a -2 penalty to charlatans, reflecting a general distrust of magic-this applies whether they believe him to be a ‘ fake or not.

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