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By Jon Pickens

This can be the reliable reference booklet and definitive resource for priest spells within the AD&D video game. A long-awaited end of gathering each professional priest spell for the AD&D online game from a large choice of assets, this product comprises many tomes which are now out of print! All spells were up to date to allow them to be incorporated in any AD&D video game.

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Its radius of effect, duation, and ability to block spells as well as actual gates and portals makes it clearly superior. Despite this, note that in Sigil, the Lady of Pain bas absolute control over the city’s portals and may choose to overturn the spell’s effects at her whim. The material component is a crystal key that must be shattered when the spell is cast. Notes: Rare for planar priests. Unlikely to be learned except through visiting the Outer Planes. I Superheroism Spell Effect Level of Recipient 0 1st-3rd 4thdth 7th-9th l0th-12th Number of Energy Levels Bestowed 6 5 4 3 2 10-sided dice for Accumulated Damage Bestowed 5 4+1 3+2 2t3 1+4 Surf Surface Sojourn - Sea Elf (Alteration) Sphere: Elemental Water (Alterationi Sphere: Animal, Elemental Water Level 3 Range: 30 yds.

Lesser Varrangoin (Abyssal Bat): AC 0; MV fly 18 (C): HD 5C5; THACO 15: #AT 3 (clawiclawhite); Dmg ld4:’ld4/1d6; SA hy type: SD hy type; MR 25%: SZ M (4-5’ tall): ML fanatic (17-18); Int very (11-12); AL CE: XP 2,000. These skeletal bats have rotting wings, a skull-like head, glowing red eyes, and a forked tail. They have special abilities depending on their type. All varrangoin types look alike. General Powers-Harmed only by silver or magic. Light and continual light inflict 2 points damageicaster level: if in radius, all attacks and saves at -2.

The DM must adjudicate such situations. The DM must also determine damage done to wharves and other shuctures; however, such damage is rarely extensive unless the buildings’construction was not intended for marine or shore use. The material component is a drop of water blessed by Umberlee or hy a senior Umherlant in the name of the goddess. Notes: Granted by the evil sea goddess Umherlee of the FORGOTTEN REALMSsetting. Stumble - Old Empire (EnchantmentJCharm) Sphere: Combat Level: 1 Range: 20 yds.

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