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By K. L. Mittal (Editor) Rajiv Kohli (Editor)

Floor illness is of cardinal significance in a bunch of applied sciences and industries, starting from microelectronics to optics to automobile to biomedical. hence, the necessity to comprehend the reasons of floor illness and their removing is particularly patent. normally talking, there are huge different types of floor contaminants: film-type and particulates. on the planet of shrinking dimensions, resembling the ever-decreasing dimension of microelectronic units, there's an intensified have to comprehend the habit of nanoscale debris and to plan how one can eliminate them to an appropriate point. debris that have been functionally risk free many years in the past are "killer defects" this day, with critical implications for yield and reliability of the parts. This amply referenced and illustrated publication addresses the assets, detection, characterization and elimination of either forms of contaminants, in addition to how one can hinder surfaces from being infected. a few suggestions to observe the extent of cleanliness also are mentioned and a distinct emphasis is put on the habit of nanoscale debris in the course of the e-book.

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