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By U. Fleischer, W. Kutzelnigg, H.-H. Limbach, G.J. Martin, M.L. Martin, M. Schindler

In 1931 Vrey, Brickwedde, and Murphy chanced on the hydrogen isotope deuterium. The isotopic enrichment used to be stumbled on to come up from the truth that the electrolysis oflight water is quicker than of heavy water [1,2]. This good fortune confirmed that even though diverse isotopes of a component behave identically from a chemical viewpoint the various isotopic lots however result in either isotope results on equilibrium in addition to on cost constants of chemical reactions. quickly, ratios of equilibrium constants of isotopic reactions have been referred to as "equilibrium isotope results" (EIE), ratios of isotopic cost constants "kinetic isotope results" (KIE). Isotope results were discovered to be in particular huge for these parts that are without delay interested by bond breaking and bond formation through the response studied [3]. Such results are, consequently, known as "primary". Isotopic substitution in atomic websites which continue all chemical bonds with their friends through the response of curiosity leads then merely to smaller "secondary" isotope results. as a result specified mass relation among the several hydrogen isotopes hydrogen/deuterium isotope results are fairly huge and feature attracted so much awareness. the most important contributions to those results come up from alterations within the vibrational frequencies of the reactants. the idea of equilibrium isotope results has been based through Vrey [4] and Bigeleisen [5,6] and has greatly been approved [3].

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2H-NMR spectra of four samples of anethole obtained from hemi-synthesis from estragole (a), chemical synthesis from anisole (b), extraction from fennel (e), and from star anise (d). 83 :~ 0 46 M. L. Martin and G. 1. 2 /sotopomeric Distribution and Metabolic Pathway Much effort has been devoted during the last twenty years to the interpretation of the differences, observed by mass spectrometry, in the overall 13C content of species elaborated in plants with a C 3 (Calvin) or C 4 (Hatch-Slack) photosynthetic cycle (Sect.

L. Martin and G. J. Martin 30 content of the substituted product remains very close to that of the reactant whatever the value of the primary kinetic isotope effect. In contrast, the isotope ratio of the product is very sensitive to the secondary isotope effect. 2, the isotope ratio of the product is lowered to values varying from 108 to 114 ppm when the amount of reaction increases from 0 to 20% and when the value of the primary kinetic isotope parameter is equal to 4. The variation remains very similar for a primary isotope effect of 8 since it ranges from 108 to 115 ppm in the same conditions.

The relationships between "D and ,, 18 0 provide information on the role of evaporative transpiration and on the incorporation of CO 2 and H 2 0 into organic matter of terrestrial or aquatic plants [172-175]. From the study of cellulose nitrate of plants growing in the same environment, it is concluded that CAM plants are enriched in deuterium with Deuterium NMR in the Study of Site-Specific Natural Isotope Fractionation 47 respect to C 3 and C 4 plants [162-167]. The variability observed in the c5D values of cellulose nitrate derived from C 3 , C 4 , C 3 /C 4 intermediates and hybrid plants is attributed to biochemical fractionation occurring in the course of carbohydrate metabolism that leads to cellulose synthesis [166, 169].

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