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By Eric L. Boyd

This crucial complement is a significant other quantity to Faiths & Avatars and Powers & Pantheons, which particular the foundations in which deities functionality within the geographical regions. Demihuman Deities describes the demihuman religions and powers of the geographical regions: these of the elves (including the drow), the dwarves, the gnomes and the halflings. every one access comprises information regarding a deity's visual appeal, character, worshippers, portfolio, aliases, area identify, more suitable, allies, foes, image, worshippers' alignments, avatar, manifestations, church and distinctiveness monks. the data on those faiths contains their middle dogma, daily actions of monks, holy days and demanding ceremonies, significant facilities of worship, affiliated orders, and the priestly vestments and adventuring apparel of the contributors of the clergy. ultimately, each one access comprises spells particular to every of the faiths.

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Poison Effects if Save: Failed 20 points 25 points 30 points 30 points Death Succeeded 1d3 points 2d4 points 2d6 points 2d6 points 20 points Also known as venom bite, this spell confers the poisonous biting ability of a spider to the caster. A successful attack roll is required to administer the poison, and the caster can only bite exposed or clothed flesh; armor cannot be bitten through. The number of times the bite has venom effects, and the power of those effects, depends on the caster's level: The spell's material component is a dried arachnid corpse.

Antechambers are set aside for warcouncils, and most business wherein priests meet with drow males and outsiders. Most temples have 30 guardian creatures, often hidden, and occasionally magical in nature (such as jade spiders). These usually include spiders of all sorts. In the event of an attack, even the harmless sorts of spiders can be equipped with armor-sheaths, strapped to their backs, that bear House defense runes-or even, in the case of intelligent, charmed spi-ders, house insignia with active magic powers may be wielded.

Cold and electrical attacks do only half damage, but Lolth suffers extra damage from holy water. ) She has 120-foot infravision and 90foot-range telepathy. She is not harmed or discomfited by light. All clerics (including fighter/clerics), crusaders, and specialty priests of Lolth receive religion (drow), religion (elven), reading/writing (drowic), and ancient languages (high drow) as bonus nonweapon proficiencies. Other Manifestations Members of Lolth's clergy always gain access to the spells faerie fire and continual faerie fire (detailed in Prayers from the Faithful).

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