Download Debugging with GDB: the GNU source-level debugger by Richard M. Stallman, Roland Pesch, Stan Shebs PDF

By Richard M. Stallman, Roland Pesch, Stan Shebs

Stallman R.M. Debugging with gdb.. the GNU source-level debugger (FSF, 2000)(ISBN 1882114779)

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Ask The debugger will ask for one of the above choices. show follow-fork-mode Display the current debugger response to a fork or vfork call. If you ask to debug a child process and a vfork is followed by an exec, gdb executes the new target up to the first breakpoint in the new target. If you have a breakpoint set on main in your original program, the breakpoint will also be set on the child process’s main. When a child process is spawned by vfork, you cannot debug the child or parent until an exec call completes.

7 Debugging an already-running process attach process-id This command attaches to a running process—one that was started outside gdb. ) The command takes as argument a process ID. The usual way to find out the process-id of a Unix process is with the ps utility, or with the ‘jobs -l’ shell command. attach does not repeat if you press command. RET a second time after executing the To use attach, your program must be running in an environment which supports processes; for example, attach does not work for programs on bare-board targets that lack an operating system.

Gdb no longer supports this format; if your gnu C compiler has this option, do not use it. 2 Starting your program run r Use the run command to start your program under gdb. 1 [Commands to specify files], page 133). If you are running your program in an execution environment that supports processes, run creates an inferior process and makes that process run your program. ) The execution of a program is affected by certain information it receives from its superior. gdb provides ways to specify this information, which you must do before starting your program.

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