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By Robin E. Callard

Over the last 5 years the key value of cytokines within the rules of the immune process has develop into tested. This booklet is the 1st to study the function of those elements within the regulate of progress of differentiation of B lymphocytes and therefore represents an updated and well timed evaluate of the B-cell response.For the immunologist, there are particular bills of the physio-chemical homes of the relevant Read more...

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The extracellular domain is cysteine rich (like the NGF receptor) and defines a new receptor family. The receptor binds both TNF-α and -β but has no homology with the IL-1 receptor, despite many overlapping activities between IL-1 and TNF. , 1990). This receptor also has a cysteine rich extracellular region with homology to the NGF receptor and CD 40. A soluble form of this receptor has also been described. R. E. Callard, A. J. H. Gearing and R. J. , 1989; Hsuan, 1989). s are multifunctional molecules which regulate inflammation, tissue repair, and immune function.

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