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(From the again disguise) For the sixty four years of its lifestyles, the U. S. inner profit Code has been ridiculed, feared and despised by way of nearly every body. And why now not? As awarded by way of the inner profit provider, the code looks illogical, inconsistent and incomprehensible. As offered, the code defies essentially the total invoice of Rights: requiring voters to testify opposed to themselves, permitting searches and seizures with no warrants, levying fines and consequences with out trials and implementing a tax at the uncomplicated correct to make money. As offered, the IRC would seem to show every thing all of us suggestion we had discovered in grade university English and Civics on its head. Is it attainable that all of us simply misunderstood these basic classes? possibly. yet researcher, analyst and pupil Peter E. Hendrickson believes that once Cracking the Code, you are going to agree that what has been misunderstood is the 3,413,780 note monstrosity itself--and how, and to whom, it applies. Hendrickson delves deep into the background, statutes and case legislation at the back of the Code to bare its startling and releasing secrets and techniques; and until you reside in a cave, you want to comprehend what he has exposed. as soon as you have accomplished Cracking the Code, the tax legislation won't ever suggest an identical factor to you, or your checking account, back!

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AII other gains, profits, and income derived from any source whatever except that portion of the salary, compensation, or pay received for services in the civil, military, naval, or other service of the United States, including Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Congress, from which the tax has been deducted"... "And provided further, That in cases where the salary or other compensation paid to any person in the employment or service of the United States shall not exceed the rate of four thousand dollars per annum, or shall be by fees, or uncertain or irregular in the amount or in the time during which the same shall have accrued or been earned, such salary or other compensation shall be included in estimating the annual gains, 48 The Plot Thickens profits or income of the person to whom the same shall have been paid, and shall include that portion of any income or salary upon which a tax has not been paid by the employer, where the employer is required by law to pay on the excess over four thousand dollars; (Such withholding from the pay of government workers over four thousand dollars is provided for further on in the act).

OK, how about this- instead of an IOU for one of your sheep, you give the cobbler the note you're holding from your other neighbor, the carpenter, for a day's worth of carpentry, (or its equivalent, as explained earlier), that you got last week in trade for one of your sheep. Any profit or "income" now? Still no. And how about that carpenter, who redeems his note by doing a day's worth of work for the cobbler. When the cobbler gives him the note, debt paid, has the carpenter received "income"? Clearly not.

In other words, even otherwise taxable "income" is untaxable if connected with personally owned property. The court referred to Springer, indicating regret that the earlier ruling had not distinguished between the plaintiff's two types of receipts because while those reflecting profitable activity from his federally licensed profession might have been properly 16 The Origin Of The "Income" Tax subject to an excise, those from his bonds should not have been. The second important observational element of the Pollock ruling, arrived at after an exhaustive recital of the history of taxation in Great Britain and the United States, was that, "Ordinarily, all taxes paid primarily by persons who can shift the burden upon some one else, or who are under no legal compulsion to pay them, are considered indirect [excise] taxes;" and, "...

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