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By Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner, Yun-han Chu, Hung-mao Tien

The worldwide pattern that Samuel P. Huntington has dubbed the ''third wave'' of democratization has noticeable greater than 60 international locations event democratic transitions due to the fact that 1974. whereas those nations have succeeded in bringing down authoritarian regimes and exchanging them with freely elected governments, few of them can as but be thought of reliable democracies. such a lot stay engaged within the fight to consolidate their new and fragile democratic associations. Consolidating the 3rd Wave Democracies offers an in-depth research of the demanding situations that they face.

In addition to the total hardcover version, Consolidating the 3rd Wave Democracies comes in paperback volumes, each one brought via the editors and arranged for handy path use. the 1st paperback quantity, Themes and Perspectives, addresses problems with institutional layout, civil-military relatives, civil society, and fiscal improvement. It brings jointly a few of the world's most desirable students of democratization, together with Robert A. Dahl, Samuel P. Huntington, Juan J. Linz, Guillermo O'Donnell, Adam Przeworski, Philippe C. Schmitter, and Alfred Stepan. the second one paperback quantity, Regional Challenges, makes a speciality of advancements in Southern Europe, Latin the US, Russia, and East Asia, fairly Taiwan and China. It comprises essays through major nearby specialists, together with Yun-han Chu, P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, Thomas B. Gold, Michael McFaul, Andrew J. Nathan, and Hung-mao Tien.

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I n Latin American democratizations, agreements extracted from incoming ci vilian democratic elites by the outgoing military secured a range of privileges for protagonists of the outgoing regime-ranging from exemption from prosecution for offenses committed while in power to formal cession of specific policy areas , such as defense, to the armed forces . This pattern has attracted the attention of many students of democratization in Latin America and has led Philippe Schmitter and Terry Karl to speak of democracies that remain hostage to their birth processes , "frozen" and unable to move toward consolidation .

For general studies of regime transitions in Southern Europe, see Guillermo O' Donnell, Philippe C. , The New Mediterranean Democracies: Regime Transition in Spain, Greece and Portugal (London: Frank Cass, 1 984); Giuseppe DiPalma, To Craft Democracies: An Essay on P. Nikiforos Diamandouros 23 D�mocratic Transitions (Berkeley : University of California Press, 1 990); and Geoffrey Pn dham and Paul G. , Stabilising Fragile Democracies: Comparin g New Party Systems In Southern and Eastern Europe (London : R outledge, 1 996).

1 8 ? 12 Southern Europe: A Third \Vave S uccess Story The Portuguese case does not at first seem to conform to the preceding analysis. The revolutionary dynamic unleashed by the events of April 1 974 and the military ' s role in bringing these events about raise significant questions about the links between the authoritarian legacy and democratic consolidation in Portugal. Yet once the revolutionary wave-itself at least partly the result of the country ' s relative underde­ velopment and entanglement in a losing colonial war-subsided, the forces favoring political democracy were able to draw upon and benefit from aspects of the authoritarian regime that could serve as facilitating factors in consolidation.

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