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By Eleanor Milligan, Emma Woodley

This edited assortment attracts on a variety of disciplines in exploring the valuable position of narrative in social inquiry and realizing the moral lifestyles. It presents scholarly and useful insights into the rewards and power pitfalls of operating in, and with narrative. It bargains readers a wide diversity of rigorously thought of examples; using artwork in improving perception into the plights of rural groups in Australia; using ailment narratives in scientific schooling; and, employing narratives of torture survivors and torturers in shaping humane political reaction and coverage within the face of terrorism, and where of the tune, as a car of tale telling and ethical development. This quantity illuminates the categorical hyperlinks among the significance of narrative, that's, the telling of reports to create form and which means in our lives, and moral engagement so severe to the success of an exceptional lifestyles.

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On the face of the story lie multiple questions which are even more relevant today with global climate change and Australia’s long running drought as they were in the 1990’s when this story was first told. How do policy initiatives about climate change and agricultural industries meet with the thoughts, feelings and emotions of rural people who have built their lives, communities and industries around, in this instance, sheep and wool growing? Perhaps the angel weeping on the roof of the shearing shed might tell its own story of leadership – or lack thereof – when our backs are against the wall.

I loathe maggots and, as a child helping in the shearing shed, I used to bribe my brothers ‘I’ll do your turn to wash up if you do my maggoty sheep’. My father, however, had a large smooth scar on his leg as a result of a tropical ulcer he gained during his time as a POW on the Burma/Siam Railway. ‘Maggots were good’ he used to tell us as kids ‘they kept my ulcer clean’. Then, sometimes, he’d tease us by pretending to get his trusty POW spoon, scoop out some maggots and eat them. ‘Vitamins’ he’d say and he’d always pronounce it ‘vit-a-mins’.

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