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By Philip Bernstein, Vassos Hadzilacos, Nathan Goodman

This ebook is ready innovations for concurrency keep an eye on and restoration. It covers innovations for centralized and dispensed computers, and for unmarried replica, multiversion, and replicated databases. those options have been built by means of researchers and process designers largely drawn to transaction processing structures and database structures. Such platforms needs to procedure a comparatively excessive quantity of brief transactions for facts processing. instance purposes comprise digital money move, airline reservation, and order processing. The recommendations are necessary for different varieties of functions too, reminiscent of digital switching and computer-aided layout - certainly any program that calls for atomicity and reliability of simultaneously executing courses that entry shared facts.

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Explain why this weakened assumption is still satisfactory by analyzing its effects on recoverability and serializability. 5 Using the banking database of this chapter, write a program that takes two account numbers as input, determines which account has the larger balance, and replaces the balance of the smaller account by that of the larger. What are the possible sequences of Reads and Writes that your program can issue? 6 Give an example program for the banking application that, when executed as a transaction, has termina1 output that cannot be deferred.

Consider an edge T, + Tj in SG(H). Thus there are two conflicting operations pi, qj of T,, Tj (respectively), such that pi

If we can find a serial history, H,, consistent with all edges in SG(H), then H, s H and so H is SR. We can do this as long as SG(H) is acyclic. In our previous example, SG(H,) is acyclic. A serial history where transactions appear in an order consistent with the edges of SG(H,) is T2 T, T,. Indeed this is the only such serial history. You can easily verify that H, is equivalent to T2 T, T, and is therefore SR. We formalize this intuitive argument in the following theorem-the fundamental theorem of serializability theory.

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