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This guide is meant to acquaint clients with equipment for designing functionality subroutines and, on the subject of the main as a rule wanted capabilities, to supply them with the mandatory tables to take action successfully.

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Sn , respectively, then f (t1 , . . , tn ) is a term of sort Sn+1 ; 3. if A is a formula and x is a variable of sort S , S ∈ S(Σ ), then ιx : S (A) is a term of sort S ; 4. and ⊥ are formulae; 5. if P ∈ P(Σ ) ∪ SP(Σ ), P : S1 × · · · × Sn and t1 , . . , tn are terms of sorts S1 , . . , Sn , respectively, then P (t1 , . . , tn ) is a formula; 6. if A is formula, then ¬ A is a formula; 7. if An n<ω = A0 , A1 , . . are formulae, then n An is a formula; 8. if A is a formula and x is a variable of sort S , S ∈ S(Σ ), then ∀x : S (A) is a formula.

In case there is no previous point, evaluation is undefined. The notations ✸ϕ (meaning ‘eventually ϕ’), ✷ϕ (meaning ‘henceforth ϕ’) and their counterparts for the past can be defined as abbreviations: ✸ϕ ✷ϕ := true U ϕ, := ¬ (✸¬ ϕ), −ϕ ✸ −ϕ ✷ := true S ϕ, := ¬ (− ✸¬ ϕ). An inter-condition is a temporal formula that must yield true at the starting point of the computations of the operation concerned. Dynamic constraints Just as in VDM-SL, an invariant can be used to restrict the possible states of a system.

Roughly speaking, this lowering of types is allowed by the weak type discipline of VDM-SL. 8, a minimal typing predicate is defined by a set of inductive rules. These rules can be viewed as type inference rules that prescribe how to establish the minimal type of an expression from the minimal types of its immediate subexpressions. There is one rule for each kind of expression. Just as the value of an expression depends upon the meanings assigned to the names occurring free in it, so its minimal type depends upon the minimal types assigned to the names occurring free in it.

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