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By David MacKenzie

This guide describes easy methods to examine and merge records utilizing GNU diff and patch. evaluating and merging records is a typical task for software program builders. those courses make it effortless to discover and follow adjustments. GNU diff is a part of the GNU diffutils package deal, a whole set of courses for dealing with transformations among teams of documents. GNU patch permits those variations to be disbursed in an effective layout. it is a published reproduction of the offical GNU diffutils handbook. It records all of the diffutils courses (diff, cmp, sdiff, diff3), plus GNU patch. GNU diff and patch are unfastened software program. for every reproduction of this handbook bought, $1 should be donated to the unfastened software program beginning.

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12 [patch and POSIX], page 63. 9 [Backup Names], page 60). 3 Applying Imperfect Patches patch tries to skip any leading text in the patch file, apply the diff, and then skip any trailing text. Thus you can feed a mail message directly to patch, and it should work. If the entire diff is indented by a constant amount of white space, patch automatically ignores the indentation. If a context diff contains trailing carriage return on each line, patch automatically ignores the carriage return. If a context diff has been encapsulated by prepending ‘- ’ to lines beginning with ‘-’ as per Internet RFC 934, patch automatically unencapsulates the input.

T:E)’ If A equals B then T else E. A and B are each either a decimal constant or a single letter interpreted as above. This format spec is equivalent to T if A’s value equals B’s; otherwise it is equivalent to E. :s)’ is equivalent to ‘no lines’ if N (the number of lines in the group in the new file) is 0, to ‘1 line’ if N is 1, and to ‘%dN lines’ otherwise. 2 Line Formats Line formats control how each line taken from an input file is output as part of a line group in if-then-else format. For example, the following command outputs text with a one-character change indicator to the left of the text.

4 Creating and Removing Files Sometimes when comparing two directories, a file may exist in one directory but not the other. If you give diff the ‘-N’ or ‘--new-file’ option, or if you supply an old or new file that is named ‘/dev/null’ or is empty and is dated the Epoch (1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC), diff outputs a patch that adds or deletes the contents of this file. When given such a patch, patch normally creates a new file or removes the old file. 12 [patch and POSIX], page 63), patch does not remove the old file, but leaves it empty.

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