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Coding in Delphi is a brand new programming ebook by way of Nick Hodges that covers various strong Delphi programming positive factors and strategies together with Generics, Interfaces, Exception, dealing with, nameless equipment, Collections, RTTI, Enumerators, Attributes, Dependency Injection and Unit trying out

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Sound familiar? 4 Generic Methods You can pass a parameterized type to the name of any method without declaring the class itself as a generic class: type TWidgetMaker = class public function CreateWidget(aWidgetName: string): T; end; ... CreateWidget('SpecialWidget'); Once you do that, the type parameter is available for use inside the method and no where else. There are some limitations to this: • Interfaces cannot have generic methods • Constructors, destructors, message methods and record operators cannot be generic methods.

Likewise, contravariance is the notion that the general type can be substituted for the specific type. (Example, a car can replace a Corvette) Contravariance is a little trickier, and normally not allowed in object-oriented systems, because a child class can have more functionality than a parent class, and thus a parent class cannot be a perfect substitute for the child class if the child instance uses that additional functionality. Delphi doesn’t support either contravariance or covariance with generic types.

Dpr(40): E2512 Type parameter 'T' must be a non-nullable \ value type interface Constraint You can limit your parameterized types to accept only instances that implement specific interfaces. By declaring one or more interfaces (separated by commas) you declare that the type you will pass in must implement all of those interfaces. The compiler will check to make sure that your type meets the constraints. Stop; end; In this simple example, you can see that the TWidget class does not care what type you pass to it, as long as it can be stopped.

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