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By Jett C. Arthur

content material: Crystal buildings of oligocellulose acetates and cellulose acetate 2 / R.H. Marchessault and H. Chanzy --
A digital bond modeling research of cellulose 1 / Alfred D. French and Vincent G. Murphy / stories on polymorphy in cellulose : cellulose IV and a few results of temperature / Rajai H. Atalla, Bruce E. Dimick, and Seelye C. Nagel --
buildings of local and regenerated celluloses / John Blackwell, Francis J. Kolpak, and Kenncorwin H. Gardner --
X-ray diffraction via bacterial capsular polysaccharides : trial conformations for klebsiella polyuronides K5, K57, and K8 / E.D.T. Atkins, K.H. Gardner, and D.H. Isaac --
X-ray diffraction stories of heparin conformation / I.A. Nieduszynski, K.H. Gardner, and E.D.T. Atkins --
Hyaluronic acid conformations and interactions / W.T. iciness, J.J. Cael, P.J.C. Smith, and Struther Arnott / experiences at the crystalline constitution of [beta]-D-(1 [yields] 3)-glucan and its triacetate / Terry L. Bluhm and Anatole Sarko --
Conformation and packing research of polysaccharides and derivatives : specific refinement of trimethylamylose / P. Zugenmaier, A. Kuppel, and E. Husemann --
stable country conformations and interactions of a few branched microbial polysaccharides / Ralph Moorhouse, Malcolm D. Walkinshaw, William T. iciness, and Struther Arnott --
alterations in cellulose constitution in the course of manufacture and changing of paper / E.L. Akim --
Characterization of cellulose and artificial fibers via static and dynamic thermoacoustical suggestions / Pronoy ok. Chatterjee --
Heat-induced adjustments within the homes of cotton fibers / S.H. Zeronian --
Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of cellulose / John Blackwell --
Teichoic acids : elements of constitution and biosynthesis / I.C. Hancock and J. Baddiley --
Secondary lignification in conifer timber / Herbert L. Hergert --
Electron donor houses of tertiary amines in cellulose anion exchangers / Dorothy M. Perrier and Ruth R. Benerito --
Pyrolysis of cellulose after chlorination or addition of zinc chloride / Yuan Z. Lai, Fred Shafizadeh, and Craig R. McIntyre --
A speculative photograph of the delignification approach / D.A.I. Goring --
Non-aqueous solvents of cellulose / Burkart Philipp, Harry Schleicher, and Wolfgang Wagenknecht --
results of solvents on graft copolymerization of styrene with [gamma]-irradiated cellulose / Yoshio Nakamura and Machiko Shimada --
interplay of radiation with cellulose within the strong country / Glyn O. Phillips, P.J. Baugh, J.F. McKellar, and C. Von Sonntag --
Grafting of monomers to cellulose utilizing UV and gamma radiation as initiators / John L. Garnett --
a few organic capabilities of matrix parts in benthic algae with regards to their chemistry and the composition of seawater / Inger-Lill Andresen, Olav Skipnes, Olav Smidsrød, Kjetill Ostgaard, and in keeping with Chr. Hemmer --
where of cellulose below strength shortage / Irving S. Goldstein.

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