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British Air Forces 1914-18

The outbreak of worldwide conflict i discovered the British Army's Royal Flying Corps with simply over two hundred fragile, unarmed reconnaissance airplane, and a uniformed energy of simply over 2,000 all ranks; the Royal Naval Air provider had a few 50 seaplanes. via the Armistice of 1918 the unified Royal Air strength was once the biggest on the planet, with approximately 22,650 aeroplanes - together with a strategic bomber strength - and 27,330 males working from a few seven hundred bases.

Reconstructing the Body: Classicism, Modernism, and the First World War

The 1st global struggle mangled faces, blew away limbs, and ruined nerves. Ten million lifeless, twenty million critical casualties, and 8 million individuals with everlasting disabilities--modern struggle inflicted discomfort and affliction with unsparing, mechanical potency. besides the fact that, such horror used to be now not the total tale.

GUILLEMONT: Somme (Battleground Europe)

The conflict for Guillemont raged all through August 1916. Like such a lot of of the battles into which the 'Big Push' degenerated, the fight targeted round a wooden, Trones, and a seriously fortified village. It was once during this conflict that Noel Chavasse received the 1st of his Vcs.

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Named for the 17-year-old daughter of the royal couple, these small brass tins held a greeting card, a photograph of the princess, a small pipe, a bit of tobacco, and cigarettes. If the soldier didn’t smoke, he received a package of sweets and a small pencil with a metal holder in the shape of a bullet cartridge. Nurses at the front received chocolate. By Christmas Day, the supply units on the western front handed out more than 355,000 Princess Mary boxes. indd 45 10/9/15 11:26 AM German soldiers received candy, clothing, cakes, and tobacco, as well as thousands of Christmas trees.

Gift-giving, singing, and any kind of celebration would be out of place while the fighting continued. Captain Rudolf Binding of the German army wrote to his father: If I had my way some person in authority would proclaim that Christmas will not be celebrated this year. . Enemy, Death and a Christmas tree—they cannot live so close together. indd 46 10/9/15 11:26 AM ANCIENT OBSERVANCES German soldiers on the western front carried on a national tradition by placing small trees on the edge of their trenches.

Rail networks allowed much faster passage of armies from one sector to another, and motorcars THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE Many tales of the Christmas truce describe how it began with both sides joining in a Christmas carol. ” For a day or two, the international language of music helped thousands of troops from many different nations communicate peacefully. allowed for fast personal transport. indd 41 10/9/15 11:26 AM accurate, aircraft allowed reconnaissance and bombing from the air, and well-placed machine guns could easily stop a cavalry charge.

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