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By Robert J. Schwalb

Bleeding area Adventures number one: Mansion of Shadows (PDF)
A third period fable experience for 1st to third point Characters
Author: Robert J. Schwalb
Cover Artist: Lisa Wood
Format: forty eight web page PDF
A 4.1 MB download
Version 3.5 rules-compatible

Fear the Shadows

Standing on a hill overlooking the lands of the Kirsvald is an old mansion, the seat of strength of the Staufen kinfolk. After years of decline and creeping corruption, the as soon as noble condo has develop into a den of wickedness and the heart of a twisted plot orchestrated by way of an historical evil. Now the locals worry the Staufen identify and hate the oppression that has develop into their lot. it really is into this lethal nest workforce of courageous heroes needs to descend to discover and defeat the vile serpents that poison this land.

Mansion of Shadows is choked with details, including:

* an entire experience for 4 or extra characters of 1st via third level.
* an in depth gazetteer of the quarter together with an in depth map.
* outstanding maps of the mansion.
* version situations for incorporating mass wrestle ideas from the complicated Player's Manual.
* New mechanics just like the Damned feat and the Sinthrall template.
* New stat-block codecs for less complicated play.
* Terrifying creatures drawn from The booklet of Fiends just like the cranial wretch and the herlekin.

Mansion of Shadows launches eco-friendly Ronin's Bleeding area Adventures. Designed with today's savvy avid gamers in brain, this event blends exciting combats and fascinating play environments, with the juicy roleplaying possibilities that preserve bringing us again to the desk. even if you employ it as a stand-alone event or as a part of a brand new crusade, Mansion of Shadows takes your online game to the Bleeding Edge.

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Development Since she is consumed with hate for her family, she is willing to betray them all. She craves attention, and any character who can stand to shower her with affection (and improves her attitude to friendly) gains a loyal ally for as long as they don’t betray her. Amalinda conceals what happened to change her, but if she becomes helpful, she volunteers to take her new friend to the catacombs. Leanor Staufen Alignment: Neutral evil Personality: Gluttonous Starting Attitude: Hostile Social Skills: Bluff –2, Diplomacy –2, Intimidate –2, Sense Motive +0 A true horror, it’s clear this creature was once human, but the rolls of fat conceal even the gender.

She wants power. Bergen promised to give her the mansion, and so Rosalin is content to serve… for now. Rosalin suspects treachery and does not intend to allow Bergen to complete the final incantation. She will strike once it begins, planting her knife in the man’s back. And then, she will name herself queen of the Kirsvald. Tactics Rosalin fights only on her own terms. She prefers placing a quick knife in the kidney to standing toe to toe with a heavily armored opponent. If attacked, she flees, but doubles back to attack with surprise, making the most of sneak attack.

But, he meets his doom on the battlefield. Erich’s own soldiers turn on him in the middle of the battle. PCs within 30 feet of Valdric can join the fight, attacking the four mansion soldiers who train their attention on the Lord, but if not, he is slain. However, should Elzbeth’s poison succeed in killing Helmut, Valdric is used in the incantation instead. Shortly after the battle begins, the herlekin and the four vixens subdue the ruler and carry him to the chapel. Unless they are stopped, he becomes the vessel for the final essence.

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