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By Barbara Yorke

?thelwold's existence and his political and ecclesiastical value within the 10th-century reformation obtain thorough scholarly scrutiny during this appraisal of his lifestyles and paintings. The experiences contain a comparability of ?thelwold's profession with that of alternative ecu monastic reformers; a research of ?thelwold's starting place at Abingdon; and of his involvement with the political crises of the tenth century. ?thelwold's talents as a pupil are assessed via surviving Latin and outdated Englist texts, and as a instructor from the writings of his students. The scholarly paintings of his foundations is highlighted by way of an in depth research of the textual content of the Benedictional of St ?thelwold; different essays examine the tune and sculpture played and produced at ?thelwold's foundations.Contributors: PATRICK WORMALD, ALAN THACKER, BARBARA YORKE, MICHAEL LAPIDGE, ANDREW PRESCOTT, MARY BERRY, ELIZABETH COATSWORTH

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O. Blake, Camden Society, 3rd series, 92 (London, 1962) Memorials Memorials of St Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, ed. W. Stubbs, RS (London, 1874) MGH Monumenta Gernmainae Historica OS Facs. Ordnance Survey Facsimiles PL Patrologia Latina Regularis Concordia Regularis Concordia Anglicae nationis monachorum sanctimonialiumque, ed. T. Symons (London, 1953) Robertson A. J. Robertson, Anglo-Saxon Charters, 2nd edn (Cambridge, 1956) RS Rolls Series S P. Sawyer, Anglo-Saxon Charters: An Annotated List and Bibliography, Royal Historical Society Guides and Handbooks 8 (London, 1968) (table continued on next page) Page ix (table continued from previous page) Tenth-Century Studies Tenth-Century Studies: Essays in Commemoration of the Millenium of the Council of Winchester and Regularis Concordia, ed.

It should be noted that much of Ælfric's work consists of abridgements of longer and more complex works (see n 69). 8 Æthelwold died in 984 and his body was translated in 996, shortly after the dedication of the new east end of Old Minster: Wulfstan, Vita ch 41. 9 Ælfric ch 2, Wulfstan, Vita ch 1. 10 Ælfric ch 5, Wulfstan, Vita ch 7, and see Yorke below, ch 3, p 68. 11 For the intellectual background and Continental connections of Athelstan's court see Robinson, Times of St Dunstan, pp 51-8; M.

Thelwoldi, Three Lives of English Saints, ed. M. Winterbottom (Toronto, 1972) Wulfstan, Narratio Frithegodi Monachi Breviloquium Vitae Beati Wilfredi et Wulfstani Cantoris Narratio Metrica de Sancto Swithuno, ed. A. Campbell (Zurich, 1950) Page 1 Introduction Barbara Yorke The main events of Æthelwold's life are relatively well-recorded in contemporary and near-contemporary documents. Æthelwold himself provided some details of his career in his vernacular account of the monastic reforms of the tenth century,1 but the major biographical sources are two pre-Conquest accounts of his life.

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