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By Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch's doctoral thesis and one of many first 3 laboratory reviews along Bruno Latour and Steve Woolgar's "Laboratory Life" and Karin Knorr-Cetina's "The Manufacture of Knowledge".

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Later, the slides are immersed in liquids that wash-out excess precipitates of the heavy metals, so that the configuration of the deposits is preserved. Throughout the organization of tasks we find that an order has been established in which prior renderings make the tissue available in a way that makes later renderings possible. Looking at an entire sequence of histological procedures, we find that the order of activities consists in setting up the possibility of the visibility of structures within the instrumentally enhanced horizons of the embodied possibilities for seeing, manipulating, and otherwise experiencing an involvement with the materiality 58 PROJECTS AND THE TEMPORALIZATION OF LAB INQUIRY of microstructures.

Ent. m. (date of lesion) #1, 2, 3 (number for rats in that cage) Other tag: Gold B. January 26, 1975 R. March 28, 1975 (biographical data for rats) Next to cage - seven syringes, a metal box with wood shavings inside, sink, rubber pad, hoses with clamps leading from inverted bottle labeled "conc," collection of scissors, clamps over to the side, manual open to section on perfusion. J. put on rubber gloves, grabbed rat by the tail, put into metal box, stuck needle into bottle, 1% sodium nitrite.

Also see, Raisman (1969). 6 Raisman and Field (1973). 52 3 Projects and the temporahzation of lab inquiry When I speak of scientific shop work, I am referring to an order of practices that exist within a temporal context. That temporal organization was found in this study to be characterized by the temporalization of shop practices into extended projects of inquiry. i In this chapter I will focus specifically on the phenomenon of "project," and will consider what a project consists of as a productive analytic^ for the work of laboratory science.

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