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AT STAKE: the way forward for AMERICA
The 2016 election is actually America's Armageddon—the final and decisive conflict to save lots of the USA, a struggle to defeat Hillary Clinton and the forces trying to flout our constitutional govt and substitute it with an omnipotent president subsidized up by way of an activist judiciary that solutions to nobody. Already President Obama has moved the USA some distance down this direction, and a President Clinton will act as his "third term," institutionalizing the excesses of the prior 8 years. In Armageddon, bestselling writer and political strategist Dick Morris presents a profitable online game plan to take again the White condominium, and the US. simply because this can be our final chance:

  • Our final probability to prevent socialist uniformity, corruption and government usurpation
  • Our final likelihood to lower welfare courses which are destroying the commercial and social cloth of the nation
  • Our final likelihood to safe our border and maintain our sovereignty
  • Our...
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    His knowledge is uncanny, particularly for someone who has never served in government. He has a laser-like ability to distill complicated issues into a profound message. But he sees things differently—and more clearly—than those promoting the status quo. That’s his strength. Since his campaign began last June, he’s repeatedly confounded the insular political and media establishment as he coalesced voters in every state—without a campaign apparatus, without a PAC, without campaign fundraising, and without the backing of the Republican elite.

    We’ve seen a preview of what to expect in the future. Already, Hillary Clinton has grabbed on to every last one of Obama’s catastrophic policies and, in most cases, suggests expanding them. They’re two peas in a dangerous pod. Even during the Democratic primary, Obama has shown his preference for Hillary and brazenly commented on an FBI investigation that he admits he knows nothing about, but dismisses to help Hillary. It’s a mutually beneficial political deal. He supports her and she agrees to protect his legacy.

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