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By C. E. Crouthamel, F. Adams, R. Dams, R. Belcher and H. Freiser (Auth.)

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What performances on these different points may reasonably be expected and what precautions must be taken to achieve them will be discussed in this section. Finally, a brief discussion on the processing of photomultipliers is included. A. 93) have high refractive indices in the wavelength region of their luminescent emission. 5), an important fraction of the light is reflected and returns to the scintillator. When the crystal surfaces are roughly ground, this light has an opportunity to be redirected to the exit sur­ face within the angle of critical reflection.

The absorption coefficient of SbCs3, reaches a maximum value for wavelengths of 3800 Ä. 43 SCINTILLATION DETECTORS (c) The photoelectric efficiency of the cathode, depending on the ability of a photoelectron produced within the cathode surface to escape. For photons of 3500 Ä fall­ ing on a Sb-Cs cathode it decreases sharply with increasing thickness from about 200 Ä. Because the absorbance increases with the thickness, the maximum quantum efficiency Cp for this wavelength is achieved at a thickness of approximately 200 Ä.

CONDUCTION EXCITON FORBIDDEN BAND BAND BAND Im t {m///m///////////////////M FORBIDDEN BAND 1smxrsfWM iii///////////////////Ä FIG. 1. Energy bands in ideal crystal. In afilledband it is not possible to obtain a net transport of charge in the direction of an applied field. The allowed energy bands will befilledup to some highest energy band. The highestfilledband contains the valence electrons. If the valence band is only partially filled a very small energy brings about a net transport of charge if an electric field is applied.

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