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By John P Gluck;Tony Dipasquale;F Barbara Orlans

This quantity is a set of chapters all contributed via people who have offered their principles at meetings and who take average stands with using animals in learn. particularly the chapters endure of the problems of: notions of the ethical standings of animals, historical past of the equipment of argumentation, wisdom of the animal brain, nature and price of regulatory buildings, how admire for animals may be switched over from concept to motion within the laboratory. The chapters were tempered through open dialogue with people with assorted critiques and never audiences of real believers. it's the wish of all, that cautious attention of the positions in those chapters will depart reader with a deepened understanding--not inevitably a hardened place.

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At the very least, if the human right not to be tortured turns in part on the ability to feel pain, then some animals also have this right. The Resort to Metaphysics As with the move toward abstraction, the appeal to cultural traditions also does not amount to a move away from the characteristics claim, or so it seems to me. Gluck_013_024_CH02 10/23/01 12:56 PM Page 19 Ethics, Animals, and Scientific Inquiry 19 I regard the central ideas that underlie the claim that our “tradition” bars us from using humans as we use animals to be the following: animals are not members of the moral community, and their lives have no or only little value.

1. The following are among the basic methodological questions that arise from a quality-of-life approach: How can the quality of life of different individuals, or even species, be transformed into comparable units so that it can be used to weigh the values of beings against each other? What is the reliability and particularly the validity of such a concept? In other words, can the results be replicated and does the instrument measure what it is supposed to? These questions are of special importance because the measure of a life’s quality is supposed to function as an indicator of its value, which in Frey’s account is a real “life-or-death” issue.

Gluck_025_054_CH03 10/23/01 12:57 PM Page 29 Can They Reason? 29 This is exactly the concern Frey raises in his contribution, “Ethics, Animals, and Scientific Inquiry,” in this volume: How can the use of nonhuman animals in research, no matter if painful or not, be justified if humans are categorically exempted at least from some of these experiments, although they can be expected to harvest the main benefit from the experiments? Dismissing various attempts that resort to tradition or to metaphysical or teleological assumptions, Frey concludes that no such justification is possible given the lack of a characteristic that would set all human beings morally apart from all nonhuman ones.

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