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By Thomas T. Yoshikawa, Shobita Rajagopalan

Written by way of the key specialists at the subject, this reference presents easy access to crucial info on particular antibiotics, significant scientific infections, chosen pathogens, and infections in long term elderly-care facilities-summarizing the immense array of themes on the topic of infectious illnesses in older adults together with epidemiology, scientific manifestations, altered host resistance, and pharmacology

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Castle SC, Yeh M, Norman DC, Miller D, Yoshikawa TT. Fever response in the elderly: are the older truly colder? J Am Geriatr Soc 1991; 39:853–857. 12. Castle SC, Yeh M, Toledo S. Lowering the temperature criterion improves detection of infections in nursing home residents. Aging Immunol Infect Dis 1993; 4:67–76. 13. Varney SM, Manthey DE, Culpepper VE, Creedon JF Jr. A comparison of oral, tympanic, and rectal temperature measurement in the elderly. J Emerg Med 2002; 22:153–157. 14. Bender BS, Scarpace P.

Persistent elevation of body temperature of at least 2 F over baseline values in an elderly patient regardless of baseline body temperature should also raise the suspicion of an infectious process. In a retrospective study of 111 nursing home patients, it has been suggested that much of the decreased fever response in this population was because of a low basal temperature (11). In a prospective study by Castle et al. (12) over a 6-month period, at least 1300 temperature measurements were recorded and 44 infectious processes were identified.

3 C] Source: Adapted from Ref. 19. 6 Moran and Yoshikawa presentations of infections delay and complicate diagnosis and early treatment in this age group. 4. UNIQUE ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS Ethical care for the elderly centers around the principles of autonomy, beneficence, and nonmaleficence (21,22). The challenge of healthcare providers is to balance compassionate and appropriate care with respect for the patient’s choice while safeguarding professional standards and ethical integrity (23). Today, infection remains the cause of death for many elders (24,25).

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