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By Serge-Thomas Bonino OP, Michael J Miller

Angels occupy an important house in modern renowned spirituality. but, at the present time greater than ever, the idea within the life of middleman spirits among the human and divine nation-states has to be evangelized and Christianized. Angels and Demons bargains a close synthesis of the givens of the Christian culture about the angels and demons, as systematized in its crucial rules by way of St. Thomas Aquinas. definitely, the doctrine of angels and demons isn't on the middle of Christian religion, yet its position is way from negligible. at the one hand, as a part of religion looking knowing, angelology has been and will remain a resource of enrichment for philosophy. hence, mirrored image at the ontological structure of the angel, at the modes of angelic wisdom, and at the nature of the sin of devil can have interaction and make clear the main basic components of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. nevertheless, angelology, insofar because it is inseparable from the ensemble of the Christian secret (from the doctrine of production to the Christian figuring out of the non secular life), should be anticipated from an unique and fruitful viewpoint.

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In its political form, it states that the devil abused his authority by turning his destructive power against an innocent man. In this version, abusus tollit usum, the devil lost his right and receives not a ransom but punishment for his unjust act. These often very florid accounts of the work of redemption as a battle between Christ and Satan have sometimes emphasized the supposed “rights” of Satan over humanity. But they have the great merit of highlighting the unity between salvation history and the “justice” of the divine action.

Their existence is not denied, but one avoids having anything to do with them. 56 52. See Georges Contenau, La magie chez les assyriens et les babyloniens (Paris: Payot, 1947); Reginald Campbell Thompson, Semitic Magic: Its Origins and Development (New York: Ktav, 1971); Dirk C. Mulder, “Les démons dans les religions non-bibliques,” Concilium 103 (1975): 21–30. 53. Kornfeld, “Satan (et démons),” col. ” 54. Foerster, “Daimôn, daimonion: Daimôn in the Greek and Hellenistic World,” in TDNT, 2:8. 55.

The angelic world is the future of the holy people. The angels appear more than ever as mediators between God and men. On the ladder that Jacob saw set up between earth and heaven, “the angels of God were ascending and descending” (Gn 28:12). They are sent by God on various missions. 38 Indeed, being admitted to God’s council, they are well suited to transmit divine messages (revealing angel) or else to provide the prophets with the correct exegesis (interpreting angel). In Daniel 9:21– 22 we read: While I was speaking in prayer, the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the first, came to me in swift flight39 at the time of the evening sacrifice.

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