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By Scott Farris

Because the 2012 presidential crusade starts: Profiles of twelve males who've run for the presidency and misplaced, yet who, even in defeat, have had a better influence on American background than lots of those that have served as president—from Henry Clay to Stephen Douglas, William Jennings Bryan to Al Gore—Plus, mini-profiles on 22 "honorable mentions."

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Christopher Dodd, of Connecticut, first elected to the Senate in 1980, chaired the Senate Banking Committee. Each party typically has a number of candidates not expected to win the nomination, but who enter the contest to pursue a specific issue or represent a particular constituency. These candidates are sometimes called ‘‘advocacy candidates’’ (Steger, Dowdle, and Adkins 2004). The most successful of the advocacy candidates in 2008 was Ron Paul. S. House from Texas, Paul advocated libertarian positions which stressed minimal government intervention in all areas.

Most convention delegates are selected through either the primaries or caucuses, and these delegates are tied to a presidential candidate and generally required to vote for that candidate at the convention. Thus, these delegates are referred to as ‘‘pledged’’ delegates, and they represent 80 percent of the delegates at each party’s conventions. Unpledged delegates are free to cast their votes for any of the presidential contenders. On the Republican side, some unpledged delegates are selected through the primary and caucus system and three automatic slots exist for each state (the state’s two members of the Republican National Committee and the state party chair).

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