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By Ryan Lesseig, Meriel Lesseig

Air crops, often referred to as tillandsias, are a number of the simplest crops to develop, which is helping clarify why they're doping up in shops around the kingdom and showing in magazines, on blogs, and everywhere Pinterest. the superb factor approximately air crops is they use their roots to anchor themselves to an item, which permits them to develop in numerous destinations clearly. this adaptability of progress makes air vegetation perfect for adornment of domestic and office.
While air crops are recognized for being effortless to develop, they nonetheless do desire consciousness to outlive and reside a fit lifestyles. If treated, tillandsias will dwell for a number of years and may even supply “pups" for added years of pleasure! Authors Meriel and Ryan Lesseig are air plant lovers who grew to become their ardour into revenue with Air Plant layout Studio, an e-commerce web site that sells all issues air crops. the following they percentage counsel for correctly taking good care of air crops in addition to suggestion and guideline for a myriad...

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Because they don’t require soil, Tillandsia appeal to the creative nature of millennials, the “maker” generation. A generation that values the unique and one-of-a-kind, this younger set of air plant enthusiasts find joy in the endless creative ways these plants can be displayed. While most Tillandsia species are easy to grow, they do require some care and a proper environment in order to thrive. In the following sections, we will cover all aspects of caring for and growing your Tillandsia. Determining Air Plant Care The most common misconception about air plants is that they don’t require any care at all.

Air plants can do well outside in temperate climates as long as they get the right amount of light and humidity. Air plants do not steal nutrients from their host, however, and only use their root system to anchor to their host as a home on which to grow. Air plants absorb nutrients through their leaves, using tiny hair-like vessels called trichomes to capture nutrients and moisture from the air in their environment. The major factors when it comes to Tillandsia health are: air, light, and water.

The roots are solely used to anchor the plant to its host, and aren’t required for nutrient intake. It just depends what you wish to do with the plant—sometimes those roots can be useful for displaying your air plant if you want to use them to help anchor the plant (for example, on a wreath or frame). The root system will grow back over time. Common Tillandsia Health Issues Pests and Ailments Most Tillandsia are very resilient to pests, but there are several types of pests that can affect your Tillandsia.

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