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By Jeffrey M. Paige

Paige' agrarian revolution supplied a theoretical framework which creatively explores the linkage among kinds of financial and social association and collective political activities

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His good fortune was short lived. Some mestizos from a nearby town heard of his valuable animals and carried them off in pickup trucks in the middle of the night. Since most mestizos and a substantial number of his fellow peasants thought such sheep were too good for an Indian, the local authorities did not pursue the rustlers with much vigor. " 32 This amounted to complete ec0ttOmic disaster for the peasant and reduced him to a pauper without property, Q; most cases peasant resistance to political or technical chang~ased on a rational weighing of the probability of success against the risk ~f dsaster that could lead to the loss of properry-in lands and herds.

The---"imageOf limited good" is expresseaOy1iie attitude that vaIuabie gcioQs-are always in short supply, that there is no way to increase that supply and that consequently the only wayan individual and his family can improve -efiPOSItiOnls at the expense, of others=! Foster points out that these attitudes are firmly roote m e reabtles of peasanr-' agricultural technology. R~s of land are absolutely limited if not actually declining because. bs:J>easanfa:gricul"'-·-iUral technology cannot improve becausetfierei"s'n6-way' of protecting the profits derived from the improved technology.

A. 72e. rat can increase production through .. £ae{t~! JI]f!.. "qnd conflict is therefore non:;'ero"sunC"As"iluresul! compromise in economic conflicts is possible. I hIS' political differenCeisadfrect resii{i'ortbeietafiveiy-greater importance of technology in agricultural systems controlled by industrial or commercial classes. In landed estate agriculture the total profits of the enterprise cannot be increased by more efficient organization, by increased use or fertilizers or insecticides, by the introduction of selective breeding to increase yields, or by the installation of 24 Agrarian Revolution expensive machinery.

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