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By Paul Wallace

This is often the first-ever, actually international, indepth examine the large results of the demographic rolllercoaster and what it potential for employment, investments, new company improvement, advertising and the commercial strength map of the area.

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This time, however, procrastination backfired: things got worse and worse. 19 Belatedly in 1998, the Japanese embarked on measures that they should have taken years before to clean up the banking system. Yet the banks' chronic sickness reflected a deeper malaise in the postwar Japanese economic model. That model was designed to funnel savings into investment in industry. This worked while Japan was catching up with the West, but has since led to overinvestment on a prodigious scale, effectively wasting capital.

In the past 15 years, inflows into the US have hit postwar record levels. Net immigration, both legal and illegal, has been running at around 800,000 a year in the 1990s. Inflows into Germany after the Berlin Wall came down have been just as eyecatching. At its peak in 1992, net immigration was almost 800,000. 40 Short-run surges in immigration are hard to predict: no one could have anticipated the collapse of the Soviet Union, for example. However, the longer-term increase in immigration over the past 15 years should have come as less of a surprise.

The agequake won't erupt in earnest for 20 years. But its foreshocks will be felt long before that; indeed, they are already rippling through the world economy. In Part Two, I'm going to give you advance warning of what lies ahead over the next 10 or so years. The tremors will shake all aspects of your life, from prospects for the stock market to the value of your house, from the outlook for jobs to the future of your pension. Anticipating these changes will allow you to exploit them to the hilt.

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