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By Goran Hyden, Rwekaza Mukandala

In distinction to the majority of the literature on overseas reduction, which offers with it as an tool of international coverage or specializes in difficulties of implementation, this publication examines the function of the help organisations themselves, from a recipient's point of view, and gives longitudinal in addition to comparative research. The important relief companies of China, Sweden and the us begun their operations in Tanzania at the same time within the early Nineteen Sixties yet from very varied ideological premises. still, all of them fell into operational traps that experience restricted the effectiveness in their contributions to Tanzanian improvement. The editors draw classes approximately how overseas reduction, whether it is going to proceed, should be reformed on the employer level.

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We expect to find differences among the three agencies covered here and possibly also variation over time. The second is the extent to which the agency programme is project-based or organized around broader sectoral support funding. Sectoral support tends to favour decisions at the central level as money is transferred directly to organizations in recipient countries. Project support, on the other hand, tends to favour the field offices, because they are closer to the place where funds are ultimately used and thus more strategically placed for the purpose of designing and developing specific projects.

2). 3). This was a phase of proud defiance. It began with Tanzania gaining independence from the UK on 9 December 1961 and ended with Tanzania's invasion of Uganda to remove the brutal government of Idi Amin in late 1978. In the intervening years, the country had tussles with West Germany over the representation of East Germany in 1964 (as already noted) and with Great Britain over South African membership of the Commonwealth in 1961, raising objections because of its policy of apartheid. In June 1965 Tanzania led a number of African countries in breaking off diplomatic relations with Britain when the latter failed to take decisive action against the regime of Ian Smith which had made a Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

Some attribute the change to Nyerere's departure from the presidency in November 1985 and his succession by Ali Hassan Mwinyi. Yet, as Svendsen correctly observes, 'the basic reason for the policy change, and later for the Economic Recovery Programme of 1986, was the realization that foreign financing was necessary in order to avoid political collapse' (1995: 121). Donors also now Rwekaza Mukandala 33 personalize factors behind the extreme acquiescence of Tanzania's government to donor demands and conditionalities.

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