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Results are given in an as yet unpublished dissertation by Telle (referred to by Gorlich, 34), a disertation stimulated by us, which indicate that none of the investigations carried out so far on the behavior of compound cathodes in a glow discharge fully comprehend the situation. Actually, it has been shown that there occurs in the cathode not only a decrease in the photosensitivity, but that there are discharge conditions which may also lead to a n increase of the sensitivity. Moreover, the increased sensitivity may be maintained if the cathodes are stored within the vacuum; in other words, irreversible phenomena make their appearance.

Sci. Ukr. R. p. 330 (1956). 2s. F. Eckart, Ann. Physik [6] 16, 322 (1955); K. Mikke, Elektronika 3, No. 2/3, 3 (1957). 24. Ba0: H. B. DeVore and J. W. Dewdney, Phys. Rev. 83, 805 (1951); L. Apker, E. Taft, and J. Dickey, ibid. 84, 508 (1951); S. Narita, J. Phys. R. Philipp, Phys. Rev. 94, 777 (1954); 96, 107 (1954); 107, 687 (1957). MgO: J. R. Stevenson, Phys. Rev. 96, 839 (1954). 5. N. Schaetti, W. Baumgartner, and C. Flury, Helv. Phys. Acta 24, 609 (1951); N. Schaetti and W. Baumgartner, ibid.

Hudson, Phys. Rev. 106, 1413 (1957), Fig. 21, and is reprinted with the permission of the authors and the Editor of the Physical Review. PARITY NONCONSERVATION I N WEAK INTERACTIONS 41 which is a pure Gamow-Teller transition). 5 (9) arises from the relation which holds for J 4 J transitions with emission of positrons; P+ is the analog of the coefficient p for electron emitters. It can be shown generally that P+ = -P, where is given by Eq. (7). 5 can be immediately obtained by comparing (10) with (6).

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