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By Mario E. Moreira

Adapting Configuration administration for Agile Teams offers very tangible methods on how Configuration administration with its practices and infrastructure might be tailored and controlled with a purpose to without delay profit agile groups. Written through Mario E. Moreira, writer of Software Configuration administration Implementation Roadmap, columnist for CM Crossroads on-line group and author for the Agile Journal, this certain ebook offers concrete assistance on tailoring CM for Agile tasks with no sacrificing the rules of Configuration administration.

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Build management is considered very important by CM and Agile professionals alike. A build process informs a team of the health of a CM Primer product when their code is compiled and linking successfully, and when it is not. Product teams that use build management effectively find that more frequent builds help them identify integration and build issues earlier in the lifecycle, providing the opportunity to resolve issues more readily and allowing the team to have more stable and unified software.

Overall CM structure – this illustrates how CM fits into the product team and/or organization. CM terminology – this includes the common CM terms and acronyms used on the product and/or organization. CM documents – this includes descriptions and links to CM documents, such as policy, processes, tools, templates, and any other artifacts that may have an impact on CM and the product. CM activities – this provides the list of work necessary to implement and maintain effective CM, revolving around the CM values of identification, control, audit, and report.

It is important to identify what the culture can handle and also what it needs. Therefore, the form CM takes depends on three very important ingredients. , the CM professional) and second is the current state of the culture, and the third is the organizational CM need. Form of + CM Professional Figure 2-11 + Nee ds = CM Culture The path to a ‘‘right-sized’’ CM. The CM professional will come with their own set of experiences in implementing CM. A wide range of experience in implementing CM is very helpful in implementing future CM practices.

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