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By Paula Bartley

This identify introduces the major figures focused on the women's suffrage move and is going directly to think about the arguments complex via those that supported and people who hostile votes for girls (in particluar, the reaction of guys to the campaigns). The narrative additionally highlights the velocity and quantity of suffragist and suffragette job, and assesses their
contribution to the 1st global struggle and the level to which girls won the vote due to their efforts throughout the conflict.

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Indeed, they reiterated their commitment to the separate spheres philosophy whereby women and men held distinct roles within society. In their view, democracy needed a woman’s touch. Millicent Fawcett (see pages 46–7) held that women ‘wanted the home-side represented in politics … woman at her best stood for mercy, pity, peace, purity and love’. As the historian Sandra Holton writing in the 1980s has pointed out, suffrage activists believed women to have the necessary mothering qualities needed for a state increasingly committed to social reform and improving the lives of its citizens.

Thirdly, the suffragists, the suffragettes and their opponents recognised women’s contribution to local government. Those who supported women’s suffrage used this to convince people of women’s ability to engage in national politics, whereas the Antis used the same argument to demonstrate that women had already fulfilled their political potential. In fact, some Antis considered local government to be women’s proper sphere because it concerned education, health and housing. • Finally, both suffrage campaigners and the Antis were conscious of Britain’s role as an imperial power and used this to argue either for or against votes for women.

Although the NUWSS claimed to be non-party political, many suffragists had links with the Liberal Party or were sympathetic to Liberal aims and had access to the Liberal political élite. Many were joint 44 | Votes for Women 1860–1928 Conservative and Unionist Women’s Suffrage Association founded: 1908 Key date Eva Gore-Booth 1870–1926; daughter of a wealthy Irish landowner. She helped to found a suffrage group for working-class women. Key figure Home Rule Self-government for Ireland. At the time Ireland was part of the UK.

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