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Remember that to open any database object, you can select the object and click the Open button in the Database window or just double- click the database object. The Employees table appears in its own window. The Database window is still open too, although you may not be able to see it because it's behind the Employees table window. One of the big changes in Access 2003 is that each open window appears as an icon on the Windows taskbar, as shown in Figure 1- 16. To switch to a different document, click its icon on the taskbar.

For example, one table might contain a list of customers and their addresses, while another table might contain any orders placed by the customers, while yet another table might contain a list of products. Tables are made up of groups of fields. A field is a specific type of information, such as a person's last name, address, or phone number. Together, the related fields for each individual person, place, or thing make up a single record. If your company has ten employees, your employee table would have ten one for each employee.

Note: The Cut button may not operate if you select the text using the pointer. Instead, place the insertion point before or after the text you want to select, click and hold down the left mouse button as you drag across the text, and then release the mouse button. Or place the insertion point and then select the text by using the arrow keys with the Shift key. 9. Find and select the HireDate field for the Anne Dodsworth record (it should contain "11/15/1994"). Click the Paste button on the toolbar.

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