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Being a pessimist he started from the fatal inevitability of the death of all civilisations, including the European. Miscegenation (necessarily with participation of the ‗white,‘ race), which figured initially as a necessary source of the development of civilisation, subsequently led inevitably to its degeneration and death. Gobineau‘s main assertions were tautological; the mixing of races figured in his conceptions simultaneously as a sign of the degeneration of civilisations and as its cause, so that it turned out that he was in fact concerned with the ‗viability‘ of races rather than the ‗viability‘ of civilisations, since the former was the true subject, for him, of the socio-historical process.

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Evolutionism closely linked sociology with ethnology, solving their common problems of the genesis of society and culture. To that was due the exceptional attention of sociology then to primitive history and comparative study of the origin and development of the social institutions of peoples without 57 a written language, whose culture was transmitted predominantly by oral tradition. The idea of the intrinsically determined natural evolution of human society was given its classical form in the historical and ethnological works of E.

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