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By Brian R. James

The definitive timeline of the Forgotten Realms(R) campaign.

The Grand background of the Realms chronicles the wealthy heritage of the Forgotten Realms crusade atmosphere, featuring an in depth timeline observed through essays from Elminster of Shadowdale and different Realmslore specialists. even if no longer a video game complement, it serves as a convenient reference consultant for avid gamers and Dungeon Masters looking details on particular old occasions. furthermore, the publication positive aspects an specific Forgotten Realms brief tale through best-selling writer R.A. Salvatore and new revelations for Realmslore aficionados.

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In T'u Lung, the establishment of rival faiths and temples leads to some of the bloodiest fighting. (T'u Lung) [TSR9242] -665 DR (Year of Crumbling Ruins) ž A powerful earthquake rocks the Nether Mountains, causing the lost city of Tzindylspar to collapse. The City of Rubies vanishes into myth. (Netheril) [177380000] -664 DR (Year of Turning Tides) ž The Enslaving of Keltar: The drow nearly destroy this town over the course of a 37-hour battle, given their magical superiority and a globe of darkness that they use to surround the city.

The horde attacks the Tower of the Star. The defenders summon the slaad lord Bazim-Gorag, known as the Firebringer, who destroys the horde. (Netheril) [177380000] -584 DR (Year of Pyramids) ž Harska Thaug gathers another horde and overruns the Tower of the Star, bringing an end to the Selskar Order. (Netheril) [177380000] -569 DR (Year of Silken Sabers) ž Calishite trading ships laden with unknown luxuries dock at Sheirtalar for the first time. This event ushered in an era of trade and prosperity along the shores of the Shining Sea.

WTC11836] [TSR9589] -789 DR ž The Second Shalarin Passing: Below the Hmur Plateau, the wildtide gate opens again and more shalarin emigrate to Serôs. Initially, many of the new shalarin come to Es`krin, though some move farther east and look for a home of their own. (Serôs) [TSR11393] -788 DR ž Start of the Fifth Serôs War: Aryselmalry's paranoid concerns about the second arrival of shalarin bring them to mobilize troops around Es`krin and the northern Hmur Plateau. Objections from other allied or neutral states are ignored or responded to with force, bringing war to Serôs again.

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