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By Carter Godwin Woodson

Provocative paintings by way of exclusive African-American student strains the migration north and westward of southern blacks, from the colonial period throughout the early twentieth century. Documented with info from modern newspapers, own letters, and educational journals, this discerning examine vividly recounts many years of harassment and humiliation, wish and success.

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For example, Hamilton (2001) has shown how the creation of a social object and its material forms – such as the language test used in the International Adult Literacy Survey – is a powerful example of an object acting on behalf of humans and which can eventually influence pedagogical practice in local settings far distant from the context in which the test was created. Similarly, it is possible to interpret some aspects of Wenger’s vignettes using these ideas. For example, when Ariel no longer needs to respond personally to insurance claims, the database acts on her behalf as memory shifts from the individual worker to the computer.

It is broader than simply engagement in activity, incorporating notions of identity and community membership that still remain valid when the person concerned is not actively engaging. It therefore draws attention to the ‘social-ness’ of all sorts of activities which arise from particular identity and community affiliations, even when these activities may not appear in themselves social or participatory. ) The other half of the duality is ‘reification’, a term used to refer to the process of “making into a thing”.

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